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Agile Basics: Working More Efficiently

Agile Basics: Working More Efficiently

In this workshop, we will discuss strategies to effectively work on large projects through employing Agile development methodologies. Originally focused on software development, Agile development is a framework applicable to a wide range of domains from computing to large initiatives to getting your children to clean their room! Agile development theories and principles will be covered through a combination of lectures and interactive activities that will reinforce the concepts of iterative design, rapid development, and reflection.

Topics include Agile principles, Kanban, Scrum, defining work as user stories, work prioritization, and prototyping. Attendees will complete this workshop with new approaches to more efficiently work on large, undefined projects, prioritize and collaborate on high impact items, and more quickly iterate to deliver value more frequently to users.

Workshop will be taught by Margeaux Johnson (College of Dentistry, CSM, CSPO), Professor Ben Lok (CISE), Sara Gonzalez (Marston Science Library), and Tara Cataldo (Marston Science Library). Note that this workshop is from 9am - 4pm including a lunch break.

Friday, June 1, 2018
9:00am - 4:00pm
Marston Science Library, Room L136
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Sara Gonzalez