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Could you use a little help with your research? With finding better scholarly sources and building scholarly knowledge? With preparing a research poster? With becoming a good academic writer? UF Librarians Hélène Huet (European Studies), David Schwieder (Political Science), and Neelam Bharti (Chemistry), and UF Writing Instructor Sean Trainor, will present a series of research-graduate students with

Writing for All: How Thinking Like a Journalist Can Make You a Better Academic Writer.

This workshop will encourage attendees to think of academic and scholarly writing as complimentary rather than opposed modes of communication. More specifically, it will invite scholars to approach writing for the public, not as something to do on the side, but rather as the foundation for clear, effective academic prose. A key aspect of graduate education involves learning vital material: in other words, becoming an expert in your field. This workshop presents practical strategies—drawn from on academic expertise research—that can “jumpstart” your path to expertise by helping you master your field more efficiently and effectively.


Thursday, March 1, 2018
10:40am - 11:30am
Library West, Room 212 (Scott Nygren Scholars Studio)

Event Organizer

Barbara Hood